Homecoming in Heels

So our high school’s homecoming parade was fast approaching. My daughter, who is in an elementary dance team, was to participate. I had it all planned out. I would go buy her mum a few days in advance. I would bring extra clothes to work and change before leaving. I would pack water and take lots of pictures. It would be perfect. Well as usual, I forgot about the whole thing! T-minus 5 hours and I’m hunting down a mum. Luckily, a local dollar store had some nice ones for sale. I go home during lunch and pack up my daughters dance uniform, because of course I forgot to do that the night before. I went ahead and packed some extra clothes for me as well. I had planned to leave work early but I couldn’t leave. It is now 5:20 pm, I have picked up the kids from the after school program but forgot to change. Kaylah was supposed to be lining up for the parade at 5:00 pm. Late as usual. I park down the street from the parade route and take off walking to drop off Kaylah with her team mates. Remember, I forgot to change so I am still in heels and a blazer. We walk past the stadium, around the softball field and to the back of the high school where her team was lined up. Then I have to walk all the way back to sit and wait for the parade to start. I literally walked over a mile, in heels, in the blistering sun, wearing a blazer. Why was I still wearing the blazer you ask, I don’t know, because I’m crazy apparently? I finally meet up with the rest of my family (and my boys) and stand for over an hour waiting for my daughter to pass us by, because of course her elementary team was towards the end of the parade. I am still in heels. We stuck around for the community pep rally. It is now past 7:00 pm, by this time my poor kids are starving. That’s right, I forgot to feed them after school! Way to go mom! We leave the pep rally around 8:00 pm and head out for dinner. Applebee’s it is, their choice. Being the great mom that I am, I wait until 9:00 pm to order the 50 cent wings they wanted. Don’t worry I did order an appetizer to hold them off. We have dinner and head home. It is now past 10:00 pm, my kids are tired but they still have homework, oh wait, we have no homework passes due to perfect attendance. Way to go mom! I unload the truck because of course we had backpacks, dance bags, food and toys everywhere. I start to clean out my daughter’s dance bag (which I had with me the whole time at the parade) and what do you know, I had stuffed a pair of sandals in there. I wore heels for 15 hours that day, 5 of those hours unnecessarily. Seriously, Way to go Mom!!


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