Refinery Wife

So I’m scrolling through my Facebook news feed and there it is, “Refinery Wife Starter Kit”. The highlights, MK purse, bling’d out nails and a Starbucks! Oh how fabulous their lives must be! Or are they? Well I happen to be married to an amazing, hardworking man who has worked in the oil refineries for many years, so that makes me an OG Refinery Wife. Let me tell you, it is NOT as fabulous as it seems! Yes, we enjoy some luxuries but the day to day responsibilities can be overwhelming at time. I run the household, Dad makes the big bucks. I’m basically a married, single mom!

People stereotype Refinery Wives as shallow gold diggers, but that is not the case! First of all I’m educated and have a job! Way to go Mom! They think we spend our days shopping our lives away, again, not accurate at all! Let me tell you how I actually spend my days.

6:45 am               Wake up and help the kids get ready. Time for my heels and blazer.

7:20 am               Drop off the kids at school

8:00 am               Clock in and do official accountant work. Yes, that is as fun as it sounds!

5:00 pm               Clock out time! Hurry because I have less than an hour to pick up the kids from the after school program, feed them, change, and be out the door again. Time for the yoga pants and sandals

6:00 pm               Rush out the door because someone has practice, someone is getting out of practice and the other kid has a game.

8:30 pm               Finally back home, now the kids are hungry again. Dishes just keep piling up.

9:30 pm               Kids are all ready for bed. Finally, I get to rest! Yeah right! The house is a mess by now and since Dad is out working 12-hour shifts in the blistering cold or scorching sun (or in the graveyard shift), that means I have to do all the house work.

10:30 pm             Ah finally the dishes, laundry and floors are clean. Kinda. There are still clothes in the dryer but I’ll finish that tomorrow. So now I can relax right? Wrong! Mom wanted to go to Grad School so it is now Homework time. Way to go Mom!

12:00 am             Ok now I’m done. Almost 18 hours later I can finally call it a day. I die for the next 6 hours only to do it all over again the next day.

Yeah, such a fabulous life we have! Next time you see a Refinery Wife give her a high-five, she’s one badass mom!


3 thoughts on “Refinery Wife

  1. I feel u and yup we always feel like the single married woman going everywhere with only our kids & u forgot to add that when dad gets home it’s double work Cuz they bring all their laundry & u got 1 more person to take care of lol Cuz they want homemade meal and we want to go out and sit in a restaurant

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