Baseball Mom

Today I did not take my son to the baseball tournament. It felt weird. I have become so accustomed to weekends full of baseball. Usually I prep his uniform the night before, I prep his baseball backpack and a snack bag for us. I prepare a large jug of sports drink, and put waters in the fridge for the morning, it’s a whole preparation process.

The morning of the game I wake up early, load up the truck and either make breakfast or pick up something depending on the time. We spend hours seating on those bleachers cheering on my boy. Freezing weather, hotter than hell weather, rain, wind, whatever the elements are, we sit there and watch. Some games are extremely excited, other are as boring as can be. Sometimes we win, a lot of times we lose. Regardless of the outcome, we always have fun. I’ll be honest, sometimes baseball tournaments are my only opportunity to socialize with other adults during the week (aside from work of course). By the time we get home, we are all tired, hungry and I’m always broke. My kids ask for every snack possible while we are there.

After dinner and showers my job is barely half way done, I still have to wash the uniform for the next day. I hate when we wear white pants. Seriously, why would you choose white pants to go slide on dirt?? I have this whole cleaning routine already, I mean I literally have it down to a science, Way to Go Mom! I soak in water and bleach. Then I scrub with bar soap (Zote is my favorite). I scrub those pants for a few minutes on a “tallador” (that’s a washboard for my non-Spanish speaking friends) and then run them through the washer. Once the uniform is clean then I prep all our snacks and drinks for day 2 and do it all over again.

I kinda love being a baseball mom but today I did not take my son to the baseball tournament, Dad did! Man, was I thankful that he was here this weekend. Working in the oil refineries, he misses out on a lot but this week he was able to attend my son’s youth football game, my daughter’s dance performance, the kids’ Thanksgiving luncheon at school, and now the baseball tournament. The time off allowed me to focus on my midterm and other school work. Dad will go back to work in a week and I see many more baseball weekends ahead. They will be very welcomed, dirty pants and all.


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