It’s Day One of our Annual Parent Tournament. I’m up to bat, I hit behind short stop and run full speed to first. SAFE! Way to go Mom! The next batter is a power hitter so I get ready to turn up the turbo speed. He hits to the outfield, I gun it. Half way to second my right knee gives out, I see it move awkwardly in slow motion. I lose balance and tumble down, but somehow I slide on my left side and make it to second base. SAFE!

I try to play it off and begin to get up. Nope not happening! I can’t put any pressure on my right leg, as a matter of fact I can’t even move it! Now a crowd is gathering around me because I’m obviously hurt (and also because I’m an idiot and my fall must have been  hilarious to see). The second baseman tries to move my leg but the pain is excruciating. My husband comes to the rescue and carries me off the field. Probably the most romantic moment we’ve had all year! I sit in the dugout and notice my left elbow is bleeding, A LOT! I clean out the cut and ice the knee for the rest of the game. I still can’t move my knee. We win the game and head home.

As I exit my truck I hear a pop in my knee, not good! I head to the hospital where I’m told nothing is broken but I should go see an orthopedic doctor. I see a doctor the next day and get an MRI. I miss a few days of work trying to recover but I still can not extend my knee. Finally the results are in, SURPRISE, my ACL is shredded! Great! 😦 I guess that’s what happens when you only run once a year! “So I can’t wear heels for how long??”, I ask the doctor to which he responds with “6-8 weeks!!” What?? That’s a horrible response!  I’ve gone through a few painful physical therapy sessions and will need surgery soon, but the hardest part is not being able to wear heels!

Moral of the story, don’t run…EVER!


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